Everyone Else is a Returnee Novel

Everyone Else is a Returnee Novel





Everyone Else is a Returnee Novel

Rating: 8.3/10 from 27 ratings

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This story focuses on a character who feels like he's been left out of existence itself, literally. The whole premise of the plot is about the protagonist is responsible for the apocalypse (or "The Cataclysm", to be more specific). At the beginning of the story, the protagonist doesn't have any relationships, and most of the time, he is alone. However, things start to change as the chapters pass by.

The protagonist is overpowered from the start; after all, he's responsible for the whole world's destruction. It is very well-rated among the users, who find this story very enjoyable despite the lack of common sense the main character often demonstrates.

Instead of taking us to an ancient world, the story takes places in the modern-day. Although the concept isn't new, the way the author manages to create something fresh out of an already seen concept is amusing. The story is already completed, and it has gathered around 350 chapters, including other stories.

Due to having spent most of his lifetime alone, the main character may be perceived by some as emotionless, and with lack of personality. Although he mentioned that he's too strong for his own good, we can undoubtedly say that there are enough situations where he put his life at risk to keep the story entertaining.

Overall, don't expect a very "serious" approach from this novel. It is a comedy which combines particular action and fantasy elements, as well as some apocalyptic characteristics to keep it interesting. Besides all of this and the supernatural stuff, there is also a lot of room for romance!

The story isn't slow. There are more than three hundred chapters, but that's enough to tell you everything which happens. Filler chapters almost do not exist, as well as filler scenes. Everything is meaningful, and that's something we have to note.

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