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God of Slaughter Novel

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God Of Slaughter revolves around Shi Yan, a man who reincarnated into a 17-year-old boy. His life suffers a drastic change one time he encountered an ancient cave. Once he was inside told the place, he found a blood pool and a mysterious ring which granted him brand new powers.

One thing which characterizes the main character is his beauty. He is often portrayed as a handsome man, with muscles which can be compared to ancient sculpture. However, his physical appearance is not the only thing which makes him outstanding. He has other qualities and abilities. We can see him developing new skills as the story keeps advancing.

The world where God of Slaughter's story happens is full of darkness, danger and death. Shi Yan is about to make it even worse thanks to its cold mentality.

The main character is not the only one who has a great physical appearance; the female lead is also attractive and beautiful. There are specific points where the story treats several mature themes, like death and abuse of all kind. But that's one of the many things that makes the story attractive.

It also has a cultivation system and involves some political themes related to the world's setting. Not everything about this story is dark, though. There is room for romance and many other sub-plots which make it worth to read.

The story has gathered 1618 chapters, which guarantee you'll have a good time while reading it. There are specific points of the story which may seem pointless, but in the end, everything works out. It's one of the greatest Chinese web novels you can find around the internet.

Another thing you can expect from the story is explicit and erotic scenes, but that is normal because the whole plot is mature. You'll fall in love with all the action which God Of Slaughter has in store for you.

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