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Tales of the Reincarnated Lord Novel





Tales of the Reincarnated Lord Novel

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This is a story which takes us to the typical fantasy world, but this time with a more mature approach. Instead of having magic right from the start, the story tells us how it is currently extinct, and humans are currently unable to use a power they had hidden in their innermost. This power was called "Battle Force".

The protagonist isn't originally from this world; he is from Earth like it's usual. One way, he wakes up and realizes that he's not himself, but a nobleman whose name is Norton Lorist. He was exiled from his family, though. But things are about to change once he is handed "summons".

The story has 590 chapters to this day and has been discontinued. You can read it, but it can leave a bitter taste on your tongue since a proper ending was never developed. A good story is not completed if it doesn't have a good ending.

The story may seem slow at the beginning, but in later chapters, around the 30th, it starts getting better. The concept of the story is not fresh, but that doesn't mean the story is terrible. If you don't like regularly being reminded of the past (the scenes are new, not revisiting the story over and over), then you won't like the novel.

It makes use of flashbacks to explain certain things from the main character's past, but some people may find that not very amusing because it makes the story's pacing very slow.

If you like classical-themed fantasy stories, then you're going to like Tales of the Reincarnated Lord. Be aware that an ending was never provided, so you might find yourself having a bad time once you reach the final chapter. However, you can always make up a final in your mind that fulfils your expectations!

Wish you enjoy reading Tales Of The Reincarnated Lord novel!

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