The Law of Webnovels

The Law of Webnovels


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The Law of Webnovels

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Ham Dani, a normal student whose hobbies were to read novels.

One day she woke up and find out that the girl next-door is as beautiful as a web novel protagonist.

And in school, there was the introduction of ‘The Four Heavenly Kings’.

The world changed into a web novel just over night, and Ham Dani’s role is heroine’s childhood friend 1!

“I just want to live normally, but why is everyone doing this to me!”

Due to a strong fate ‘The Four Heavenly Kings’ and the heroine entwines Dani’s everyday life.

And the results are?


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Status in COO: Season 1: 533 (Completed)

Side Story 1: 2 Chapters

Side Story 2: 9 Chapters

Season 2: 15+ Ongoing