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Rating: 10/10 from 2 ratings

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This is a mature-rated Korean web novel. Since its publication, it has gathered more than 218 chapters, and it is currently going through an indefinite hiatus. We are yet to be informed about this story's continuity, but for now, let's talk about what we can currently see.

The story is a drama which combines several other genres, like comedy and slice of life with supernatural situations. The main plot follows the story of Jung Swoo, who, until now, had an average life.

He works for a celebrity management company, which had been his dream for some time now. When he finally becomes the manager of famous actors, but one unexpected day, his life started to change thanks to the visions of the future he started seeing.

Overall, this story is suitable for a change if you don't like reading typical novels with the usual fantasy setting. This one takes place in the real world, adding certain supernatural elements to make it more enjoyable as the chapters pass. Not for anything, it was adapted to drama.

The main character has great character development, and the romance isn't rushed. It is slowly developed, which is something some people may feel it's a drawback. That isn't our case, though. We think that not focusing too often on the romance makes room for the plot to be more expanded.

Jung Sunwoo is one of the most excellent male leads we have seen in stories of this kind. He is excellently developed throughout the story, and the plot is well driven not to make the reader lost. The author keeps it interesting by adding several sub-plots and situations where the main characters have to find a way out, relying solely on their abilities.

You won't regret giving Top Management a chance. If the web novel wasn't enough for you, you could choose to watch the drama!

Wish you enjoy reading Top Management novel!

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