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Womanizing Mage Novel

Rating: 8/10 from 5 ratings

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If you like web novels with a fantasy theme and great Ecchi scenes, then Womanizing Mage is probably what you're looking for. This story is already completed, with 675 chapters gathered since its publication in 2014.

The novel tells us the story about Long Yi, a man who was killed due to him taking revenge for his lover. However, some moments after his death, a supernatural event happened. His soul was transferred into another man's soul, with him conserving all his memories. However, things start very wrong: the new body he's possessing is currently abusing of the princess.

There are many other erotic situations which do not involve tape, but you can expect the protagonist to bring some spice to the story thanks to him being perverted. That's just one of the many aspects of the story, though.

There are some interesting sub-plots, but some people may find an overload of erotic scenes. There is little character development, and the main focus of the story honours very well the novel's title. The protagonist is continuously meeting girls who fall in love with him, and throughout the story, he gains several women who become part of his harem.

You can't expect great character development and complex sub-plots from Womanizing Mage. The story stays true to its premise: the main character meeting girls and gathering a harem, which gets bigger and bigger every time.

The plot is easy to follow, and the story is quite simple. You won't get lost, and since the story focuses more on the girls, you can expect it to have several ecchi/sex scenes.

It is a great novel to pass the time. The main character is already strong from the start, but you can expect him gaining even more powerful abilities as the story "evolves". It is definitely worth a try, especially if you like erotic novels with a bit of action in them.

Wish you enjoy reading Womanizing Mage novel!

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