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World of Cultivation Novel

Rating: 6.8/10 from 4 ratings

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World of Cultivation is a Chinese web novel which combines fantasy, adventure action and everything we like about martial arts. It follows the story of Zuo Mo, a zombie who's also a weak cultivator. He wants to earn as much money as possible by becoming an excellent cultivator.

However, things have a turn when he realizes some unknown individual erased his memories. Now, he has decided to start a journey and find out everything about his last while at the same time; he tries to fulfil his dream. Along the way, he will face all kind of obstacles.

The story takes place in a well-developed world, and the literary resources the author often uses keep the story interesting enough to stay out of monotony, you like many other stories out there. However, there's a drawback: the story can be perceived by some people as slow.

The author comes out of the comfort zone, which most authors don't dare to put a foot on. We're used to seeing characters whose personalities are just too similar. It feels like we're rereading the same story with just a few differences. However, that doesn't happen in World of Cultivation.

We can see how hard the protagonist works to fulfil his goals, and all the relationships he builds along the way are significantly developed as well. There's a lot of points we like about World of Cultivation. However, if you like more, "straight to the point" stories, then this story is probably not for you. It is very slow, but it gives enough room for romance, action and many other surprises which are waiting for you in the novel.

It has already been completed. It has 915 chapters, with eight volumes in total. You have a lot of content to read and enjoy this powerful magician!

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