Ze Tian Ji Novel

Ze Tian Ji Novel


Mao Ni, 猫腻





Ze Tian Ji Novel

Rating: 10/10 from 1 ratings

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Ze Tian Ji is a very successful drama and action franchise. It is so popular it has been adapted to manhua, anime, and even a drama series based on the story has been produced. This Chinese novel is one of the top-notch that you can find across the web. No matter the path you'd like to choose first, we are very sure you're going to like the plot so much you aren't going to get enough of it just by seeing it one time.

If that's your case, you will probably end up seeing the anime or the drama, and occasionally reading the manga.

The story takes us to a universe where demons and gods exist. The plot revolves around Chen Changsheng, who leaves his hometown to begin a journey, and occasionally, become a hero.

There are tons of unique elements which make this story outstanding among the rest of the fantasy-themed novels. Instead of giving us the typical obnoxious protagonist who only wants to become stronger, we get to see some proper development for Chen. The novel does not focus solely on fights; there is a lot of drama. The main character has an arranged matrimony with the female lead, which is just as beautiful as you on would think.

The novel also talks about the use of Daoist Scrolls. These scrolls are one of the most powerful tools in the whole universe.

There are too much-unexpected plot twists that will make you lose your mind and want to read more. The romance is handled excellently, and it has a lot of comedy situations to keep the story exciting and leave aside for a while the seriousness.

Ze Tian Ji has 1184 chapters, and by now, it has been completed. It started to be published in 2014, but it is continuously revisited by fans who liked the story. Maybe you will become one of them!

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